What kind of place are you running here?
We're a craft beer bar and restaurant with 12 draft beers on offer, one beer
engine and a damn fine bar menu focused on seasonal, fresh ingredients.

Please note our hours of operation.

We are closed on Mondays.

Bar hours: Noon'till 2am, Tuesday- Sunday.

The kitchen is open 'till 10pm (Sun & Mon-Thurs)
and 11pm (Friday & Saturday).

Brunch is served 11am-3pm on weekends.

How to locate us.
You can find us at the corner of Catharine Street and
Grays Ferry Avenue, directly across from the ginormous
Naval Square condo complex. It's quite lovely, with all those
flowers they've planted. The street address is 2425 Grays Ferry Ave.

Who's running this joint, anyway?
Brendan Hartranft and Leigh Maida are
sharing this piece of the American Dream.

Aren't there other places related to this one?
Yep. Check out our other work at
Memphis Taproom, Local 44 and Strangelove's.

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